Pepper Patch Identification Post

Our pepper patch is looking righteous. We have more than 23 different varieties, with a total of more than 120 plants in the patch. It has been a challenge to keep everything properly identified so we know what we’re picking and when it’s time to pick it. We started by making a planting chart.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell when it’s time to harvest the peppers. They mature at different rates and some change colors (e.g., green to red) while others do not. The purpose of this post is to find a picture of a mature pepper for each variety in our garden. I haven’t yet identified the plants labeled “mixed.”

Row One
Corno di Toro Rosa

Image from

The Corno di Toro Rosa (aka Bull’s Horn) is a very sweet, large, oblong-shaped pepper. The fruits mature in 75-85 days and ripen from green to bright red. Due to it’s form this sweet pepper is often used for stuffing, slicing onto salads (or a stirfry), or cooking on a barbecue.

Cherry Hots

Image from

These little 2″ peppers are very hot and mature from green to red within 80 days.

Chocolate Habanero Hybrid

Image from

The Chocolate Habanero (aka Congo Black) is one of the hottest peppers from the Caribbean, maturing from green to brown. I will be fermenting these peppers.

Aji Yellow

Image from

These 2″ Peruvian peppers are very hot and mature from light green to bright yellow in approximately 100 days.

Row Two
Paper Lantern Hybrid

Image from

Just as hot as regular habanero peppers, the Red Paper Lantern variety matures much faster (70 days) transforming from green to orange to bright red as they ripen.

Rat Turd

Image from

These spicy little peppers mature from green to red in approximately 100 days. Don’t be surprised if you see a Rat Turd Sauce in the near future.

Yellow 7 Pot X Scorpion 5

Image from

A cross between two of the hottest peppers on Earth. They will mature from green to red or yellow within approximately 110 days.

Sweet Chocolate Cherry

The chocolatey version of the cherry hot pepper (above).

Row Three
Aji Colorado

Image from

These spicy peppers mature from green to red (and perhaps yellow?) in approximately 90 days.

Red Bishop Crown

This mildly spicy relative of the Aji pepper has a fruity taste and matures from light green to bright red in approximately 90 days.

Fooled You Jalapeño

Image from

This jalapeño pepper has absolutely no head (but still has that smokey jalapeño taste) and matures to a dark green in approximately 85 days.

Red Cayenne

Image from

This is just your standard slim cayenne pepper, maturing from green to bright red in approximately 75-80 days.

Indonesian Cayenne

Image from

Similar to the Red Cayenne (above).

Row Four
Green Bell
I think we’re all familiar enough with green bell peppers. No picture needed.

Jamaican Hot Chocolate Habanero

Image from

This is an extremely hot pepper with a strong smokey taste. It’s going to be perfect for a Jamaican jerk sauce!

New Mexico Big Jim

Image from

This giant pepper is mildly spicy and matures from green to red in approximately 85 days. Stuffed peppers for dinner, anyone?!?!

Krimson Lee Mild

Image from

This mild pepper matures to bright red and is perfect for pizzas and salads.

Row Five
Chile Catarina

Image from

This small Mexican pepper is used to make tamales, marinades, stews and soups. I will likely dry them out, grind them, and put them into a dry BBQ rub.

Alma Paprika

Image from

Alma Paprika look similar to a Pimiento in shape but start out white and then slowly turn orange and finally turn red at maturity. The fruits are round and very thick walled making them great for stuffing. They are very sweet yet have a distinctly spicy flavor (slightly milder than a Jalapeño). Great for stuffing & grilling or drying & grinding into a sweet Paprika powder.

Carolina Cayenne

Image from

Similar in appearance to the original cayenne, this variety is twice as hot, slightly wider, and matures to a deep red color.

Row Six
Broome Chili

Image from

The elusive Broome chilli of Australia. This rare plant puts out dark green snub-nosed pods that ripen to a deep satin red.

Row Eight
Red Monkey Face

Image from

These hot peppers ripen from green to red and (supposedly) resemble a monkey’s face.

Sweet Lipstick Red

Image from

The sweetest pepper in our patch.

Hopefully these pictures will help us easily identify each pepper by sight and harvest them at just the right time.


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  1. I relish, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye dfkcedeebbdd

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